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3 Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Searching for the right solution for your cosmetic dentistry needs isn’t always the easiest experience. Between crowns, bridges, and whitening, it can be hard to choose an effective solution that matches your needs.

One of the procedures our team here at Hardy Smiles recommends is getting dental veneers. Let’s look at three reasons why we recommend veneers to improve your smile.

Fix chipped teeth

If you don’t want to undergo dental bonding, you can get veneers to cover any chips in your teeth. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit right over the surface of your teeth, effectively fixing chipped teeth. They’re cemented in place, give your teeth a rejuvenated appearance, and can be applied in one appointment.

Fix discolored teeth

If you’ve used coffee or tobacco for years and have deep enamel stains as a result, teeth whitening likely won’t make a difference in the shade of your teeth. However, if you get veneers, you can instantly change the color of your teeth. After an appointment to measure your teeth, Dr. James Hardy will have the veneers custom-made and cement them in place with a UV light.

Fix misshapen teeth

If you have teeth that are misshapen, or some area where your gum line isn’t even, you can use veneers to improve their overall appearance.

Veneers have many different applications in the cosmetic dentistry world. If you think veneers are the option to fix your smile, call us today at 919-496-3088 to schedule an appointment.

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