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How Scaling and Root Planing Can Treat Your Periodontitis

There are many noticeable issues regarding dental health that are regularly talked about. Things like cavities and dentures are regularly discussed and easily recognizable, but there are other dental issues that aren’t as widely talked about. One of these is periodontal disease, a result of tartar buildup.

The tartar build up eventually becomes a bacterial infection that attacks the gums. Once this happens, the gums will show signs of the infection, which include redness and inflammation. Without proper treatment, the infection will spread into the bones surrounding the teeth. This will cause the teeth to become loosened and result in the teeth being lost.

To treat periodontal disease, a patient will need to undergo a scaling and root planing treatment. During this treatment, Dr. James Hardy will remove the bacteria that is causing periodontal disease. This removal is accomplished by scraping away at the plaque and biofilm that is attached to the surface area and roots of the affected teeth.

After a scaling and rooting treatment, the patient is strongly advised to practice regularly cleaning at home to prevent further outbreaks of periodontal disease. Although the bacteria has been removed, the disease can never be fully destroyed. Thus, regular brushing and flossing becomes necessary to keep the bacteria from building up again.

If your gums are showing signs of periodontal disease, please call Hardy Smiles in Louisburg, North Carolina today to set up an appointment with Drs. Hardy and Hardy. We are looking forward to restoring your smile!

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