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A Tooth with Dental Attrition Might Need Treatment by a Crown

Excess wear and tear from minor alignment issues between two or more teeth can gradually start to damage the tooth enamel. If dental attrition goes on for too long, there might not be enough healthy enamel remaining to repair the tooth with a dental filling. This is even more likely to be an issue if a critical area of a tooth was damaged or if a minor dental fracture has occurred. You could experience further complications if residual food particles or plaque become stuck in the dental attrition, causing a new cavity.

In a situation like this, Drs. Hardy and Hardy might recommend treating the tooth with a dental crown.

The process starts by using a drill to remove the enamel layer of the tooth, leaving the healthy interior of the tooth completely unaffected. This abutment will later anchor the crown firmly in your mouth.

At the end of the appointment, our dentists will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The abutment will then be covered by a temporary crown. The impression will be sent off to a dental lab technician who will custom make your new crown.

A member of our team will call you back in for a short second appointment when your crown is completed. The temporary crown will be removed and Drs. Hardy and Hardy will cement your new crown into place over the abutment.

If you live in the Louisburg, North Carolina, area and you have recently suffered a dental fracture, you should call 919-496-3088 to have it examined and repaired at Hardy Smiles.

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