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A Fractured Tooth May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

Sometimes something as simple as grinding your teeth while sleeping or a bad habit of chewing on pencils and pens can exert enough force to chip or fracture a tooth. When this happens the discomfort and potential sensitivity can vary.

Even if the damaged tooth isn’t giving you trouble, you should still have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Alecia Hardy or Dr. James Hardy. Without timely professional treatment, the compromised area of tooth enamel could start to collect bacterial deposits capable of fostering tooth decay.

After examining the tooth to assess the severity of the damage, they will present you with a treatment plan.

To treat a tooth that has lost a significant amount of healthy tooth enamel, they might recommend a dental crown restoration. The process calls for removing whatever remains of the tooth’s enamel layer. The remaining core structure of the tooth will provide an anchor for the eventual dental crown.

The dental crown will be constructed from durable materials that rival the strength of natural tooth enamel. When it’s ready our dentist will cement the dental crown in place with a special adhesive to restore the basic function of the tooth.

If you are in the Louisburg, North Carolina, area, and you have recently suffered a chipped or fractured tooth, you should call 919-496-3088 to have it examined and treated at Hardy Smiles.

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